Urgency in urination now with blood

For past some time I have been noticing urgency in urination and sometimes to the level of unrest, for not being be close to a washroom. I did ignore it as I consume lot of water and gradually I scaled down the quantity of water intake. However, for past some days I observe strange smell (resembling odour of semen after and during the urination. I did not pay proper attention to this issue except discussing the matter with my physician who just brushed it a normal thing. However, today I feel body ache, with mild temperatures and the urine is coming out in very small quantity but the frequency is more. There is penile pain during the urination which continues for a shortwhile after the urination. One hour past, I felt the change in colour of my urine and I feel as if the blood is coming out with the urine for the colour of urine got changed. kindly advise as to what should I do on priority basis. Is there any reason to worry beyond reason?

I have not any significant medical history and got my body profile examined in July the reports of which do not suggest anything.
I did take a DoLo-650 tablet today morning, to address my fever issue.

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Question: Pure blood in urine…quite a lot

I am a 63yr old male and over the last few months I have been peeing blood on average every six wks or so, this problem has just returned yesterday, I am peeing pure blood and quite a lot, I have back ache and a bit of pain in my stomach. I am having problems peeing sometimes go fine and other times can’t go. I am residing in Portugal at the moment but have a months holiday booked for S. Africa this coming weekend, do you think it will be ok for me to go or should I cancel my trip and seek medical advise instead? The confusing thing is that this problem goes away for a number of weeks before returning. I have had blood and urine tests that have come back clear and my doctor said it could be a build up of calcium that can cut and cause bleeding which leaves me very confused and worried.
I do hope you can help.

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