I had yearly pap yesterday, doctor says discharge may be yeasty, frightened it is cervical cancer?

Hello I am 43, I have had regular pap smears yearly. I have had one child 20 years ago vaginally, and one 14 years ago c-section. I have always had discharge, nothing too alarming to me, sometimes, its watery, sometimes its clear, mucosy, every once in a while its thick white/light yellow. But out of a month, other than when my cycle ends, I pretty much experience some sort of discharge. I had my yearly pap yesterday, and the doctor put in speculum, then said, you have thick discharge in here, I’m going to clean it out. She cleaned it out with a big qtip, then said “i can’t tell if its yeasty or not”. She finished the pap, and that’s it. Now I looked up discharge, and all say cervical cancer. I’ve had all kinds throughout the months, but I always thought it was normal. Now I’m frightened. Any advice?