I had yearly pap yesterday, doctor says discharge may be yeasty, frightened it is cervical cancer?

Hello I am 43, I have had regular pap smears yearly. I have had one child 20 years ago vaginally, and one 14 years ago c-section. I have always had discharge, nothing too alarming to me, sometimes, its watery, sometimes its clear, mucosy, every once in a while its thick white/light yellow. But out of a month, other than when my cycle ends, I pretty much experience some sort of discharge. I had my yearly pap yesterday, and the doctor put in speculum, then said, you have thick discharge in here, I’m going to clean it out. She cleaned it out with a big qtip, then said “i can’t tell if its yeasty or not”. She finished the pap, and that’s it. Now I looked up discharge, and all say cervical cancer. I’ve had all kinds throughout the months, but I always thought it was normal. Now I’m frightened. Any advice?

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Ayman Darrag
6:01 pm

Internet searches usually scares people, white thick vaginal discharge is a sign of either yeast infection or hormonal activity disturbance and seldom infers cancer which has different symptoms and signs..
do not panic ..
Keep the area clean and use cotton under wears,vaginal wash and antifungal if needed..

Ahmed Fawzy
6:37 pm

You have no signs of cervical cancer, most probably yeast infection, I see no reason to worry, most likely Pap test will come out fine
Good Luck

8:02 pm

What about the discharge that I have the rest of the month? I ususally have some sort of discharge every week. The clear mucosy? And the watery only, very thin, just water, not sticky?

Ahmed Fawzy
9:21 pm

My opinion is you are having normal discharges just excessive, causes can be stress for long period like 6 month or diabetes or premenopause symptoms .
If I am to assume the worst then I can say you have cervical dysplasia which will be detected by the Pap test, it can be early treated before becoming cancer ( this is like my worst expection which is like 10% chance)
No reason to worry
I wish you happiness ?
Good Luck

2:56 am

this is definitely not a cancer at this stage.
You may need a repeat pap test after 6 months to be doubly sure.
Discharges,either clear or mucosal,thick or thin,are usually due to hormonal imbalances and stress.
A recurrent fungal infection and low immunity with poor hygiene can also be the cause.
local vaginal pessaries can help.

Dr.Honey Arora
6:37 am

Hi.. Thanks for the query.. Well, vaginal discharge can occur due to a number of reasons depending upon the colour, consistency etc, however it is not commonly related to cervical cancer as cervical cancer is associated with number of other symptoms like pelvis or backacke, vaginal pain and excess bleeding, weight loss etc.. The symptoms that you are facing are probably due to Vaginal thrush or vaginal yeast infection or many other causes.. A vaginal swab culture can help in ruling out the cause.. Do not worry about cancer as the symptoms are not appearing consistent with it.. Hope this… Read more »

Masr Fawzy
12:58 pm

Its v common for women to have this discharge as u describe it, and its v common to have vulvovaginitis , bacterial or fungal infection

Pap smear and HPV test of course must be done routinely, but, what’ s common is common , so no worries