Neurologist says minor narrowing in arteries, or is it a stroke, need second opinion?

male adult age 42, bipolar, sudden partial vision loss,after seeing something explained as 2 shooting stars one day in his eye and next day a terrible headache thirteenth day had grayish rainbow arch like line in his vision. after seeing eye doc was informed he had a stroke that effected his eye(right retinal artery branch occlusion) and now has permanent eye damage, followed up with family doc, did blood work and had ultra sound of heart and carotid arteries followed up with neurologist. who informed him he had some minor narrowing in arteries and they do not feel he had a stroke and order more test and was told not to worry put him on aspirin and cholesterol med cause that was little high. also has unexplained facial dropping on one side that comes and goes. mri and cat scan order only get tests in about two weeks. After going and getting test results from doctors find out that they suspect occlusion of right internal carotid artery , elevated velocities constint with 50 -69% stenosis in left internal carotid artery and 10 -49%stenosis of external carotid arteries bilaterally. also is to follow up with neuro in 4 weeks. Is it just me or is this neurologist doc dropping the ball. Should he go see another .

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:43 pm

There is no stroke, narrowing can be treated with blood thinners and vasodiators, most probably vision problems can be reversed once you are on the right; medication will most likely be cerebrolysin and warfrin, I recommend staying with your doctor, until then avoid animal fats, stay with healthy fats like olive, corn oil
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:55 pm

This is mostly transient ischaemic attacks and they are pre strokes..he must know the cause of the stenosis of the arteries ..
Whether it is cholesterol?!
Other causes ..
Another doctor is to be consulted ..and duplex on the carotid arteries .brain angiography. Also is to be done..

3:00 am

this cannot be labelled as stroke.
TIA (transient ischaemic attacks) like these happen when the arteries are constricted due to atherosclerosis causing reduced blood flow.
Blood thinners and de-stressing will help.
CT angiography tests should be done regularly.

Masr Fawzy
1:03 pm

Your doctor is doing great , however i believe he needs to do more investigations, angiography is needed , but he already reached the diagnosis …