I have extreme inner ear pain, no solution from my doctors, need help?

I am a 54 year old female and a month ago I had sore throat trouble swallowing went to gp was given nose spray for what the dr said was sinus drainage. Then I had ear ache and pain down neck and across shoulders and went to urgent care and was put on antibiotics and ear drops for ear infection. I then saw an ent cause still having the same symptoms . They put me on stronger ear drops for ear infection. Still having pain I went back to ent they said my neck was stiff and from my tmj was told to put heat on it. I did and week later went back and told dr I was still in pain and trouble swallowing so finally they took scope up nose and down throat and found nothing wrong. Sent me home. Then I called them again saying it is not better so I went back they ordered a scan of my neck. The next day they called and said it came back with nothing wrong and said I was ok . The pain continued and I started getting lightheaded went back to the gp and got put on steroids. A week later my ears were so stuffed and painful with loud buzzing and can hear my eyes blink. I went to urgent care they put me on stronger steroids and said they had no idea why the other symptoms were happening but that my ear was inflamed. A week later I started to have night sweats and still pain in neck shoulders down arms and felt week loud buzzing in ears and can hear my eyes blink and lightheaded . I went to er the dr did a test on urine and test my blood all came back fine. He told me it might be a inner ear infection that no one can see and said I might need mri and told me to go to gp. I was hoping they would do it. As I am writing this I am having extreme pain in ears down neck across shoulders down arms feel lightheaded like I am going to vomit buzzing in ears and can hear eyes blink and I am sweating terrible. I feel horrible. No one seems willing to help me. Don’t know what to do. I want to scream. I am still taking the ear drops and steroids I have one day left. Nothing is helping. Please tell me what I should do. I am begging for help.