Several months ago, my lower left leg (shin area) began to hurt?

Hi, several months ago, my lower left leg (shin area) began to hurt. Like a soreness, didn’t feel like the muscle, it felt like bone pain. I am a 43 year old female, 5’6 235pounds. I went to the doctor, who said I had mild pitting edema, but ordered an xray. My doctor, not the radiologist, viewed the xray and said it looked good, he didn’t see a fracture or anything but the outer part of my tibia was a little thicker than he is used to seeing, but said wait for radiologist report. The Xray came back normal. He then ordered an mri. He called and it was normal, and showed mild dermal edema. He said all he wanted me to do was try to exercise and take ibuprofen as needed. That seemed to help, but it is back. I want to believe the xray and mri would have showed something if it were of bigger concern. Just confused & worried. Thank you.