I was born with one kidney and tested slightly positive for hsv-2?

I am 39 yeare old male, a little over weight but overall healthy. I was having bad abdominal pain, especially during ejaculating and saw a Dr at a walk in clinic assuming it was a prostate infection as I have had them in the past. As a precaution she ordered std tests and a CT scan to test for diverticulitis. The CT scan came back negative but showed I was born with one kidney. The std tests came back negative for all except herpes. I was pretty sure I have hsv-1 since I’ve had cold sores 1-2× per year for many years but they also said i tested slightly positive for hsv-2 which is very concerning and confusing. I have only had sex once in the past 6 months and it was protected and no oral. The test results were as follows: herpes simplex I/II IGM .9 reference range <.9 Hsv I IgG 38.9 reference range <=.9 Hsv II IgG <.1. Reference range <=.9 HSV 1 IGM antibodies IFA. Detected A HSV 2 IgM antibodies IFA weakly detected I am very confused could you please tell me what it all says? Am I positive for hsv 2?