Can a back injury cause kidney failure?

Can a back injury cause kidney failure?

25yr white male 5’9′ 175lbs. On Saturday night while out drinking I slipping and slammed my back pretty hard on some steps. Sunday night I started having flu-like symptoms (fever, fatigue, headache, chills)plus very bad back pain. Today I went an urgent care and while my flu test was negative, they did find some blood in my urine. I have been drinking a lot of water but have not been urinating that often. The doctor gave me some antibiotics that treats kidney infections, but I’m just worried it could be a bigger issue.
Medications: None

Can Neophrotoxicity cause kidney failure, does it require surgery, please elaborate?

with Acetaminophen -and induced Neophrotoxicity, cause accute kidney failure/ injury and requires surgery for repair.? advised cause is between collecting chambers of the kidney and 2 blood vessels come out of one part of the kidney instead of separate origins.effects breathing and swollen legs..advised life threatening without operation..

Question: I am on path to kidney failure is there some better treatment

I am on path to kidney failure, still not on dialysis. My Uric acid level is 6.1 mg/DL and critinine 1.4 mg/DL. Sugar patient also under control with insulin. Had injuplasty 5 years back, two stunts installed. Taking Nitromint, Easyday, Lipigit, Escort and Cordrone. For kidney treatment I am on Lophos and Bondol 0.5 mg. Please suggest, if there is some better treatment for me. Thanks

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