I have a lump on breast with mucus colored discharge?

I am a 40 year old African American female I do not have any kids I have a lump in my right breast the nipple area has become dry and Flaky when I squeeze my breast a mucus colored discharge comes out as well as what appears to be white blackheads I am experiencing pain in the area where the breast and underarm meat I am also a diabetic I take metformin for that I have high blood pressure I take clonidine and and one more blood pressure pill I am also severely anemic I take my iron pills I also have a discharge coming from my left breast when squeezed is this cancer and if so what kind

I found a small painful red lump on my right breast, then found 2 more?

woman 23 years old overweight (pcos and chronic hives)
at 25/9 I found a small painful red lump on my right breast (the place between the breast and the armpit).I found that by the pain I felt .immediately I palpated the lump (the place it was ,was a bit red it was painful ,hard,was not moving under pressure).after 2 days the redness and the pain went away.todayit disapeared andI cant even feel it.yesterday I discovered two others on the right armpit (felt like swollen lymph nodes) and 2 others on the other arm the left one! (they appear ,then ,go away and appear somewhere else quickly even on a single night)additionally I got fever 37.1_37,7°c pain in the joints tiredness but no sneezing no coughing (didn’t remind me of the usual flu I get sometimes).went to hospital ,doctor palpated the place she said it did not seem to be a boil/furuncle and I had a blood test in which white blood cells were 12.700 and crp was 1.3.she said she couldn’t find the cause but obviously its a lymph nodes problem


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