I have a lump on breast with mucus colored discharge?

I am a 40 year old African American female I do not have any kids I have a lump in my right breast the nipple area has become dry and Flaky when I squeeze my breast a mucus colored discharge comes out as well as what appears to be white blackheads I am experiencing pain in the area where the breast and underarm meat I am also a diabetic I take metformin for that I have high blood pressure I take clonidine and and one more blood pressure pill I am also severely anemic I take my iron pills I also have a discharge coming from my left breast when squeezed is this cancer and if so what kind

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Ayman Darrag
6:29 pm

In my opinion they vould be Fibrocystic changes in your breasts that may cause lumps or thickenings in your breast tissue. They do not indicate, though, the presence of cancer. In addition to causing pain and … fibrocystic breast changes can at times, cause secretion of clear or colored discharge ..
Breast us and mamography is needed.

Masr Fawzy
6:32 pm

Based on your words , i believe its not cancerous
Nipple discharge which comes out only when squeezing and non bloody one is a good sign
Painful lump is a good sign
The radiating pain is also a good sign

It could be fibroadenoma or breast cyst or abnormal infectef duct

I advise you to do mammogram , ductogram and following fine needle aspiration if needed… Also do CBC and CRP
This is v important to rule out cancer

Get well soon

Ahmed Fawzy
9:43 pm

There you have Duct ectasia + breast abscess , Duct ectasia is nothing to worry about , the abscess will require antibiotics , there is absolutely no sign of cancer or even an increased possibility of cancer, however other causes could be underactivity of pituitary or thyroid gland , so you should check them as well
I recommend application of a hotpack to abcess area which may help clear it faster.
Good Luck

5:51 am

this does not look to be a cancer.
seems more of a blocked and infected lactiferous glands.
get a mammogram and tumor markers to be on a safer side.
start on antibiotics,dressings and anti inflammatory drugs.
consult a general surgeon.