Over a year ago I started experiencing fatigue, heart flutters, weight loss?

Hello, I am a 27 year old female. Over a year ago I started experiencing fatigue, heart flutters, weight loss and a few other small symptoms that lead me to be concerned about my health. I was given a test for Addison’s disease which came back twice as inconclusive and was told it must be stress. I then spent a year with a psychologist going weekly and attending coping skills courses. Some symptoms lessoned. I honestly lost faith in going to the doctor and hadn’t been in over a year until I developed a UTI, which I have been treating with antibiotics for close to 3 months now. I just finished my 4th type yesterday and it is already showing symptoms again. I also found a small hard lump at the bottom of my right breast that causes me no pain and moves. I just received blood work back today that says I am now anemic. I have an appointment Wednesday and I would like to know what type of tests do I ask for. There is an underlying issue that is causing my weight loss, poor immune system and these issues and I feel that they are only treating the symptoms instead of taking me seriously and looking for a cause. Please help me I am lost and tired of this stuggle and I have no medical background to help me figure this out on my own.

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Ayman Darrag
6:34 pm

Some of your symptoms are caused by stress… But the matter of concern is the breast lump actually.. You should ask for a breast ultrasound to understand the nature of that lump..
If it came out negative and ruled out any other cause (than benign)…then your weight loss can be just due to stress and increased metabolism..
I recommend also a thyroid profile test …

Masr Fawzy
6:45 pm

Anemia is the one of the main causes for palpitations, wt loss, anxiety …

Take iron supplements

Do thyroid profile may be you are experiencing symptoms of thyrotoxicosis…

Ahmed Fawzy
9:48 pm

Hi there
In my opinion you are describing signs and symptoms of hyperthyroidism , i recommend TSH , T4 levels check
Good Luck

5:57 am

agree with Dr Masr.
anemia along with thyroid imbalance can cause this.
Get a complete blood profile done along with thyroid function tests.
Free TSH is the most important indicator.