Took apple cider vinegar to relieve cold and flu, now nose is bleeding?

21 year old female, not currently on any medications and have no significant medical history. Caught a cold/flu before Christmas, and immediately after getting over it I caught another cold. It finally escalated into a sinus infection on Friday, and it’s now Monday. I wasn’t able to see a doctor over the weekend so I tried the home remedy of drinking an apple cider vinegar drink 3x a day, which has helped significantly and I feel almost 100% back to normal, no more pain or discomfort, except my nasal discharge is bright pink and seems to be bloody, is this normal after a sinus infection? Or do I need to see a doctor?

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Ayman Darrag
2:34 pm

It is very normal after a sinus infection to have this.. It is due to dryness of the nasal mucosa and recurrent infection..
Drink plenty of a nasal lavage with sea salt water ampoules called physiomer or its substitutes..
U can use vaseline to keep your nose humid and avoid dryness by painting the nostrils and breathing water vapour ..

Masr Fawzy
3:57 pm

Its not considered bleeding, so no worries at all,

It will resolve spontaneously..

Just keep on drinking hot drinks like lemon with tea or mint…

Ahmed Fawzy
5:19 pm

it is normal after a sinus infection to have bright pink nasal discharges due to small lacerations from the previous congestion
Nothing to worry about

7:12 am

this happens due to nasal mucosal dryness and scab formation.

As the scabs dry out and peel off,they can cause bleeding.
Apply ice,nebulisation will help the mucosa remain moist.
avoid irritant nasal drops.
petroleum gelly,vaseline application will help.