I had acute Myocarditis taking Azythromicin worried about heart stopping side effect

My doctor prescribed me a single does of Azythromicin.

I am horrified about the possible heart stopping side effect it can cause.

Three years ago I had acute Myocarditis. This year I had a full check on my heart including ekg, bubble test, ultra sound, blood tests, etc and everything came back as normal.

Is it safe for me to take a Z pack?

I cant take Cipro or floroquinolones and Doxy isnt working for my current infection.

Should I be worried?

26male 175 lbs 6’5

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Ayman Darrag
2:40 pm

It is not among the common. Or less common or rare side effects or adverse effects of azythromycin to get this complication..no research even suggests this probability..just palpitation a d attythmias and they are less than 1% of cases..
No need to worry..
Take your appropriate treatment and relax..

Masr Fawzy
3:20 pm

Its true that it’s a one of z pak side effects, buts its rare, beside , you are going to use it for a specific period of time,
Chosing the antibiotic is based on the causitive organism for acute myocarditis, and its seems to me that this is suitable for ur case

Ahmed Fawzy
5:24 pm

If you have no liver or kidney problems you are safe from the sever side effects

Good Luck

7:15 am

no such side effect of heart stopping has been reported.
it can cause rhtym disturbances to some extent,but these happen only after prolonged use in unindicated cases.
be assured that taking this medicine for short period of time will not cause your body any harm.