I have pain higher up on the left side of my chest and in my left armpit

31, female. I woke up this morning with pain higher up on the left side of my chest and in my left armpit. My armpit only really hurts when I extend my arm out straight ahead of me or to the side and it’s only slightly painful. The area on my chest hurts when pressed on or when I move or lift my arm. Id’ say the spot is about an inch or less down from my clavicle and also another spot close to my armpit has a similar feeling. It doesn’t hurt when breathing, eating or drinking. Only with movement of my arm or when pressure is applied. Wondering what could be causing this?

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Masr Fawzy
2:17 pm

I believe its a pain due to wrong sleeping position, that may have caused inflammation in the tendon or the muscles itself in the painful area,
Try lying on the back with a thin pillow supporting the head, and avoid sleeping on the painful side, support your shoulder with a hanger , also pain killers, antiinflammatory drugs will be helpful

Ayman Darrag
2:46 pm

Have you recently been overactive in overhead activities? This is mostly an impingement syndrome or suprasoinatus tendinitis.. For a quick test let your left hand over the opposite shoulder (as players do in football matches when the national anthem plays ..they cross the right arm to the left chest on the heart) but you will do the opposite and a little higher.. And ask someone to resist the movement you will make..by putting his hand on your elbow abd you push his hands..if it is painful in the shoulder then it is confirmed .. Initial treatment is ice pack application… Read more »

Ahmed Fawzy
5:29 pm

This is simple compression trauma of clavicular head of pectoralis major and serratus anterior , due to maintaining certain side to prone possition with arm stranded behind you , it will ease up in 3 days , try not to sleep on it for 3 days , anti inflammatory can help
Good Luck

7:19 am

this can be out of a ligament or tendon strain.
Sleeping in an awkward position or lifting anything heavy may have caused this.
Take anti inflammatory tablets,analgesics with muscle relaxants.
Apply local analgesic gels,followed by hot fomentation.
Do not lift anything heavy.
Avoid sleeping on the affected side.
If symptoms do not improve,you should get a MRI done.
Thank you.