My left arm biceps started to twitch, no solution?

I am 21, male, Do not know where to start so i am just gonna write, first notices it 7 months ago when my left arm biceps started to twitch, initially i thought it would stop it did not it persisted to twitch 24 hours a day, when i am awake and when i sleep so i went to the doctor and she said it happens and that i should consume more magnesium and i took it every day but twitching continued, went to the other doctor month after she sent me to emergency to take many tests and go to many doctors, nobody knew why is this happening, so i ordered another exemination in my city capital and they did that nerve test (witch i already did in my city) results were the same that it is not nerves, so since i told them i did’nt feel any weakness in that arm so they told me they don’t know what it is and that i should just live with it, the thing is its been like this for 7 months now and i feel twitches in my legs and even forehead, i am just looking what is wrong with me? i refuse to accept it is nothing
i did blood test, urine test, nerves test, MRI(upper and lower) but machine is a bit old,

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Ahmed Fawzy
8:39 pm

Does any of your parents have Huntington disease ? Have you been exposed to farm animals ? Do you drink too much coffee ?
In my opinion you should start by urine test to role out that kidneys are okay then check your blood calcium levels to exclude parathyroid problems ,then you will need genetic test to exclude becker muscle atrophy , do a spine tab to check for MS or Amylotrophic lateral degeneration .

I will follow up with you
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:59 pm

Do you drink a lot of caffeine or take a lot of chocolates or energy drinks?
I recommend a MRI of the brain and spinal cord.

Masr Fawzy
6:40 am

Its obvious that you are overstressed and anxious with the twitches , u need not to worry and to calm down, try to relax, not to think of it, if you are drinking coffee alot try to reduce it, take multivitamins, , do exercises …

But its nothing to worry about , as long as you are not complaining of any thing else..

7:22 am

i agree with you that there must be some reason for all the symptoms that you are experiencing from 7 long months.
This can be related to the brain cells.
A MRI brain or a CT with contrast will help.
Thyroid and electrolytes with vitamin D need to be checked as well.
Consult a physician.