My eldest daughter is suffering excruciating pain, need second opinion?


My eldest daughter, she is 16 years. Last year (2015 December) she was having pain at the right back of her neck. I took her to Dr. Dr. told that it is an allergic or cold problem. He prescribed antibiotics. Then she was ok for about 3 months. After 3 months the same area was paining and a lump can be seen like tumour. I took her to a renowned Dr. He said, may be it’s an allergic problem and gave some blood test n FNAC test. The reports were normal. Dr. prescribed her medicines, which helped her to be ok for another one n half month. Again it started paining and this time it was unbearable. Surprisingly, I saw 4 more lumps at the right and left side of her neck. Her spinal chord started paining n she was having a bit fever. Immediately I took her to Dr. This time we did her FNAC again and some blood test, but result nothing. Again and again we r going to different Dr’s, tests, medicines but no improvement. One of the Dr. told to do biopsy. Then we consulted a neurosurgeon but he told that its a sensitive area to operate. He needs time for it n gave medicines.

Finally in the end of December I took her to India (New Delhi). There we appointed a medicine Dr. He gave tests. In the reports he found a huge deficiency of vitamin D. After that we consult a neorology Dr. He gave for MRI test. In the report ARACHNOID CYST can be found. He gave 6 months medicine. Now my daughter’s spinal chord and the lump is paining. My daughter is now screaming out of pain. As a mother it’s very painful to see my daughter in this condition. Please, please n please help me out. Help my daughter. Suggest us something. I am attaching the reports n prescription. I will be grateful to you dr. If u can suggest us anything.