Doctors after initial inspection have not ruled out Synovitis, Arthritis (RA or OA), need second opinion?

Hello, I have just received my blood report for Arthritis profile, and my SGPT, ESR AND CRP have come high, suggesting high inflammation. However my RF Factor is in range. Doctors after initial inspection have not ruled out synovitis, Arthritis (RA or OA). Physical symptoms i am having as of today is 1) General Pain and Acute pain while movement of Thumb and neighboring finger, at the bottom of thumb where it meets hand 2) walking difficulty in left leg ankle, can’t run for sure, limp sometimes, on a day with too much standing or excursion, the ankle area swells a bit as well. Dont know really whats going on with me. Also I have no injuries or accident in past or present. Also, I feel very lazy, weak, and sometimes feel really cramped in the evenings and early morning. My concentration at work is also going down. Please help.