Question: There are worms under my skin and along my belly

I can see worms around 4-6 inches possibly longer under my skin, they are seen on the sides of my belly and seem to be slowly moving up. Either I’m loosing my mind and think I feel pain in my abdomen, with slight stinging sensations where the worms are currently or its reality and I’m infested. I went to the ER, but it took hours upon hours to see anyone(which I never did) so I went to the Walk-in Clinic instead. Well the nurses were baffled and showing each other the picture, even wanted our number so we could keep them updated because at least one enjoyed herself immensely. I did not.
I was prescribed the usual ant-parasitic meds that I can’t afford and my government crappy insurance won’t pay for. I was recommended to buy over the counter cheaper meds, apparently all the meds are for Pin Worms, I did that even though I don’t have Pin Worms.
Took the meds last night and even a bunch of minced garlic(heard parasites die from garlic).
So…This morning I wake up to see more than the one I saw the morning before, and on the opposite side of me. Doctors I have called and at different hospital’s tell me the same thing, take the medicine and basically without actually saying it, the type of worms your describing are exotic and very rare, they are not in the U.S. blah blah blah!. Apparently I’m suppose to sit her until they get into my lungs and brain(if not there already) and freak out. Now I hope it all in my head and the worms are not worms but one can only hope. Where do I get help from someone who will take this seriously?

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11:07 am

i understand your concern about the issue. what i personally feel is that no one has yet diagnosed the worm type, thats why the medicines are not working.
if a worm is visible under the skin,then under local anesthesia, get the worm removed and sent it for parasite / histopathology examination and find out the exact type.
then the medicines acting specifically on that worm can be taken.