Took 65 5mg of nitrazam about 25 hours ago, afraid of going to hospital?

hi my friend told me just now that she took 65 5mg of nitrazam about 25 hours ago she went to sleep and woke up a hour ago she realizes that she made a mistake and doesn’t want to die but is afraid of going to hospital because of the high chance of being sectioned that she would not cope with i believe her when she said that she made a mistake as i know her well and 100% trust her she has told me that she feels drowsy and dizzy but apart from that she feels fine and believes that she will be ok she is 38 years old and on morphine that is in a form of a sticker on her arm for pain relief as her ex partner tried to strangle her and done permanent damage im not sure what other medication she is on but know that she hasn’t taken anything else in the last 25 hours she made me promise her that i would not call ambulance as she is terrified of being sectioned and she has managed to stay out of hospital for over 3 years i am obviously really concerned about her physical health but hoping its a good sign that she woke up and was not slurring her words down the phone is she out of the woods or do i need to phone her a ambulance thanks

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5:35 am

if 25 hours have passed by without any major health issues and if her speech and consciousness is normal now,then i do not think there is anything to worry about right now.
ask her to drink plenty of water and fruit juices.
consult a doctor in case of any untoward symptoms.

Ayman Darrag
9:38 am

I do not see a cause if worry now..although it is contraindicated to take it with history of drug abuse. But since time has passed with no marked symptomatic change..nothing to worry about .

Ahmed Fawzy
11:27 am

If she passed the first 6 hours then she will be fine , it is a miracle she passed first 8 hours , she should remove the morphine till 48 hours pass, it is safer to go to the hospital call her every 2 hours
Good Luck