Question: White growth in my mouth?

Hello! Last night I was at a festival and tried a lot of food (including crickets!) and at the night, my throat started feeling funny. It felt a bit weird as I attempted to swallow. I woke up with the same feeling so I opened ny mouth and checked in the mirror and saw it! There was a white-ish thing on my throat! Should I be worried? What is it? What causes it and how do I get rid of it?

white thing in my throat

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5:52 am

its a tonsillar infection with a plaque.
usually it resolves by itself.
do saline water gargles.
if it doesnt resolve, consult a ent specialist

Jennifer Tardogno
Jennifer Tardogno
11:19 pm

I have had this before but alot smaller. I thought it was a combination of food and plaque. It smells too. If you pull it out and smell it. It has a very distinct nasty smell. I have always pulled mine out. It’s hard to do because it’s in the back of your throat and your gag reflexes come to play. Depending on where its at in your throat you might be able to live with it working its way out on its own but I couldn’t do it. The feeling in my throat. It felt weird to swallow. I… Read more »

Enock Herman
Enock Herman
4:48 pm

Does this come back after removing it. Do I need surgery or it will go by itself. Am really worried

Chidiebere Ogbuagu
Chidiebere Ogbuagu
3:11 am

What’s this called it makes me uncomfortable, is it an infection