4 year old child loses conscious every 3-4 minutes and losing sensation on side of body?

hello, my family friend’s 4 year old child is suffering a problem. He loses conscious every 3-4 minutes which lasts for few seconds. Its been on going for more than a year. Hes seen doctors but since they life in a country where the medicine isnt advanced, they are not getting satisfying answer. He has also started losing a little sensation on one side of his body

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Ayman Darrag
5:02 pm

This is mostly epileptic seizures and it needs antiepileptic medications under neurologist supervision..
An eeg can diagnose this.

Ahmed Fawzy
8:03 pm

I need more information to give an ideal opinion like is there headache ?
My opinion is that he is suffering from Vasovagal syncope , fludrocortisone acetate can be used, also electrical pacemaker .
Usually it requires no treatment and improve on its own
I recommend that they see a good cardiologist
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
9:53 pm

Is it provoked or not
Is there is a stimulus, like getting angry , stressed , crying , or he losses his conciousness independently??

He needs to do detailed neurological examination
He needs to do EEG and MRI as well

8:07 am

this is more likely to be epileptiform convulsions.
Consult a neurologist and get a EEG done.