Diagnosed with a benign ovarian cyst around 10cm, clinic wants to do full hysterectomy, need second opinion?

Hello my partner who is 53 has been diagnosed with a benign ovarian cyst around 10cm. We are expats living in Cyprus and the private clinic here want to do a full hysterectomy, i am seriously debating taking her for a second opinion on the other procedures available. Do you agree?

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Ahmed Fawzy
8:14 pm

10 cm is large, so surgical removal to ovary is recommended however your doctors idea is why leave any thing behind that may develop cancer?!
Is not doing full hysterectomy better why? Most study’s suggest that ovaries are almost useless post menopause, fewer study’s suggest that they can help heart
In my opinion if you measure risks and benefits, full hystrectomy is better than just trying to remove the cyst , notice that uterus is completely useless, however you can ask your doctor to do hysterectomy leaving one ovary behind
( half measure)
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
9:09 pm

Actually the size of the cyst is so big and the possibility of turning malignant is high in thus cases..
Menopausal women don’t really benefit much from the uterus and its removal will be the safest solution for avoiding further problems..
In younger age women the cyst can be removed alone as the probability of pregnancy but with your partner I think it will be harmful than useful to leave the uterus so I would go with hysterectomy.

Masr Fawzy
9:56 pm

He wants to remove both ovaries as well or only one side beside the uterus??

8:09 am

if the cyst is purely ovarian with a normal uterus,then no need of surgery.
Laparoscopic cyst removal with / without ovary excision is recommended.

8:09 am

avoid getting a full hysterectomy done