After tumor removed from spinal cord, developed tingling in my left foot and leg?

2 months ago I had a tumor on my spinal cord and had it removed. At that time I had swelling from t2-t5 and the tumor had compressed my spinal cord and caused spinal stenois. My surgery went as planned, but 2 months later I developed tingling in my left foot and leg, why is this happening?

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Ahmed Fawzy
1:19 am

My opinion this is completely unrelated to your tumor or surgery, this can simply be compression on sciatic nerve from sitting for long time or lumber vertebra spondylitis or disc, so I recommend a lumber MRI
Good luck

Dr.Honey Arora
9:32 am

It looks like nerve compression..
Consult a Neurologist and get evaluated..
An MRI should be done for further confirmation..


Ayman Darrag
11:40 am

My opinion is it could be due to mechanical deviation happened after your surgery in your back has caused some sort of muscle spasm and nerve compression at L4,L5 L5 s1 level.
A MRI of the back is needed for assurance.