Question: Experiencing black outs – amnesia – creating problems in my life.

Hello sir I am 44 year old and I am experiencing problem with my brain 2 or 3 days ago for sometime about 1/2 an hour my brain doesn’t respond, I did not know where I was, I even forgot my home but I know who I am, where I have to go I don’t know. For that period of time I did not feel any pain and became senseless. This was happening from 1 year I met many doctors but they did not gave any satisfying reason, some told this is due to low BP and taking stress of mine. I am also experiencing problems in my daily life I didn’t think properly and forgot my things.
So plz give me a solution of my problem.

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11:00 am

u seem to be suffering from short term memory loss. it may be a beginning of alziemers disease, which is more commonly seen in stressed out individuals.
a neurologist will be the best guide for you to tell whats wrong exactly.
get an eeg done.