Blurred vision, Dizziness, Nausea, Hot Blushes and Pounding Heart.?

Blurred vision, Dizziness, Nausea, Hot Blushes and Pounding Heart.?

My father has coronary heart disease. This evening before dinner, he took his heart and blood pressure medicines. He had a large dinner containing white rice, coke and bread right after he drunk a cup of tea with sugar. He’s been told he’s prediabetic close to diabetic and after the dinner he experienced symptoms like blurring vision, lightheadness, nausea, hot face and his heart was beating a little faster which i reckon he got scared that’s why. Do you think the signs were due to his high blood sugar from drinking the rice, coke, bread and the tea or his blood preassure dropped due to the medicine and as he had a very physical day today which we all know excercises or movements reduce blood pressure. Or did he get hear attack… i don’t think that’s the case becuase he had no chest or shoulder pain or shortness of breath. He also suffers from depression and anxiety but i don’t think was the case today too.

Please let me know if it’s dangerous?

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Ayman Darrag
5:52 am

In my opinion it was a mixed state between increased blood sugar level and then he got so anxious and panicked as he remembered what the doctor said(that he is prediabetic) and when the symptoms appeared he became anxious..
Rice and white bread are very high carbs that increases blood sugar quickly causing flushes and dizziness(hyperglycemia).
In this stage I think dietary control and mild exercises are enough ..
Let him try yoga or meditation and deep breathing techniques.

Masr Fawzy
8:27 am

Hypertension and diabetes can kill your father if he did not respect them
Stick to the dietary regimen meant for diabetic patients , in order not to experince troubles with his vision- retinopathy- , his kidneys and his brain as well

High caloric diets with high CHO are forbidden…

Otherwise he should start insulin intake

Follow up measurments of Blood sugar .. at least 5 times a day with the strips should be done , diet managment must be your first priority

Best regards

8:57 am

i dont think it was a heart attack.
low blood pressure is less likely too.
raised blood sugar levels may have caused this.
just get the blood sugar and blood pressure checked.
consult a physician and get his ecg done to be on safer side.

Ahmed Fawzy
7:22 pm

In my opinion heart patient should not eat a meal this big , rich in carbohydrates , at the same time with his medications
It seems he over stressed his heart
I recommend low carbohydrate high vegetable oils like olive and corn

Good Luck