Diabetes patient wants to avoid dialysis as far as possible underwent AVF surgery, why is creatinine levels high?

My father is 67 years old and has been suffering from diabetes since the past 25 years and it has now affected his kidneys.

In October 2016 his creatinine was 2.92 and we were informed that he is suffering from CKD. Later in December 2016 his creatinine was reported to be 3.0 . In January 2017 creatinine arose to 4.77 and he had lost his appetite and had become very inactive for which he had to be admitted to the hospital. On 25th of Jan creatinine was recorded to be at 6.7 and within two days on the 27th of Jan it was reported to be 7.7 with all medications in place as listed below.

His diabetes is between 130-200 between fasting and post lunch. We were informed that diabetes is within control. His BP is reported at an average of 137 to 140 everyday. ECG and 2Decho look good as informed. His potassium is currently 4.2, Haemoglobin is low at 8.

He is taking the following medicines, daily dosage recommendations is also mentioned below:
1]Ceftum 1-0-1
2]Crocin 1-1-1
3]Dytor 40 1-1-0
4]Nicardia 1-0-1
5]Prazopress xl2.5 0-0-1
6]Sobisis forte 1-1-1
7]Eido Fe 0-1-0
8]Gemcal 0-1-0
9]Rantac-D 1-0-1
10]Ecosprin75 0-1-0
11]Flavedon Mr 1-0-1
12]Trica 0.25 0-0-1
13]Rocartor 0.25 1-0-0
14]Neogadine2.5 1-0-1
15]Duphlac 1-0-1

Insulin (Novarapid) 10-10-4

Please let me know the foll as we want to avoid dialysis as far as possible. He is recently undergone AVF surgery as just a precautionary measure for dialysis:

1]Inspite of all this medication why is creatinine still on the rise.
2]If any of the above medicine is causing rise in creatinine.
3]Is there any other medication that can reduce creatinine. I had come across a post which mentioned that wysolone and Ketosteril can reduce creatinine effectively, please suggest if this could help us.

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Ahmed Fawzy
9:50 pm

Ceftum can increase creatinine Levels , what is his glomerular filtration rate (GFR) ? Any way dialysis is done if creatinine levels reach 10 , wysolone in not recommend in diabetic patients, Ketosteril Is not recommended in cardiac patients yet in your case your doctor may choose Ketosteril before dialysis
Good Luck

7:44 am

wysolone and ketosteril be better avoided in this case.
creatinine levels seem to be raised due to renal damage and not due to any medicines.
Dialysis at present is not required.
the creatinine level seems to be reducing at present.