I have fever several times a day with pressure in lower abdomen?

hi.i am 23 year old girl.i had undergone nephrectomy 10 years ago of my left kidney. everything was alright in previous years.in last year in july i felt pressure in my lower abdomen. then i got typhoid. it was minor. i took medicine. i felt ok.but now i got fever again and it just in between 99-100 and only for one hour or so many times in a day.i also felt pressure in lower abdomen sometime.feels fatigue without work sometimes. backache sometimes.sometimes feels pain in uretors.what u suggest???

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Ahmed Fawzy
7:49 am

I suggest first step Urine test followed by urine culture if you are gram+ , first we need to rule out kidney problem before taking another step
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
8:04 am

If you are having burning or painful urination I recommend a urine test first..
Abdominal USG is the next step.
Kidney infection or uti are possibilities..

8:33 am

i suggest you to get kidney function tests along with complete blood count and a usg/CT of abdomen.
There are chances that kidney functions might be deranged.

Masr Fawzy
8:19 pm

Urine analysiz
Kidney function tests,
Pelviabdominal US