My Doctor says colonoscopy shows Crohns disease, need second opinion?

Hello , My name is (…) I am 22 years old . I have recently been having some mild stomach pain but also a lot of burning sensations in my upper stomach . I had an endoscopy done and a colonoscopy done and would like a second opinion about my biopsy results . My doctor says its not Crohns disease but what is it then ? It says that I have lymphoid hyperplasia and mild duodentites and mild gastritis . What does This mean ? And wht is the treatment ?

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Ahmed Fawzy
7:46 am

lymphoid hyperplasia means there is probably viral or bacterial infection , so next step should be stool culture to check for h. Pylori, you can start on Ranitidine and Metronidazole but they may interfere with culture results, also avoid using any NSAIDs as they will increase your problem
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
7:59 am

Lymphoid hyperplasia occurs with inflammations ..infections.. Etc so your problem is gastritis and duodenitis ..
Get a proton pump inhibitor for 8 weeks daily morning.
Avoid eating fatty.citrus foods..chocolate
Avoid caffeine and carbonated beverages..

8:32 am

this means that you have a sensitive gut (irritable bowel).
there is a superadded inflammation of the stomach and prximal intestine.
Take antacids and prebiotics.

Masr Fawzy
8:17 pm

U need to investigate for h pylori , and to take the triple therapy for it
Antibiotics and proton pump inhibior or h 2 blocker