Have terrible heart palpitations Also I sweat constantly

32 year old female. I take zytomil 10mg a day for depression.

Have terrible heart palpitations since last year june 2015. I take purbloka 10mg 3 x a day.(only if they bug me and mostly take it during the night). Question is why does my heart race so much after eating, drinking, walking short distances like 1km, deep breathing etc. I do know that excess worry and stress cause this too.

Also i sweat constantly. I was on high blood pressure tablets amilorectic 5mg tablets but have stopped as they dont help with the sweating and every time i check my bp its normal. Havent taken pills since last year September.

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Ayman Darrag
4:08 pm

Do you know that sweating and heart rate changes and palpitations are of the frequent side effects of zytomil?
In my opinion you should check a recent ECG and regularly for 5 days check your blood pressure..
If they are all OK then you should consult your doctor about changing SSRI and start yoga ,meditation and breathing exercises ASAP..

Ahmed Fawzy
5:24 pm

In my opinion you need catecholamines blood test to check for excessive adrenaline in blood due to stress or adrenal gland problem, all your symptoms strongly suggest that ,also your zytomil can cause similar effect

Good Luck

5:29 am

zytomil is known for causing these side effects.
but adrenal gland derangements should also be considered.
get hormonal tests done and consult a endocrinologist.
get a ECG and a stress test done..
yoga and meditation can help.

prashant gaikwad
11:48 am

this is due to overdose of zytomil.
u should talk with your doc and get the dose changed or change the drug

Masr Fawzy
5:10 pm

Its most probably due to zytomil…

Check with your doctor other drug options