I had neck and back fusion c3 t2, surgery went bad, can I get bars out?

I had neck and back fusion c3 t2 I’ve been told that for my first surgery it was radical. I had surgery on April 20, 2016
Since this surgery I am in constant pain. I was told by my surgeon I would be able to do everything I use to. Well now I can’t work have weight limitations that stop me from doing the work I was promised by the surgeon. I was very worried about my range of motion, he the surgeon reassured me I would not have any problems. Well I do. I have dolts protruding of the back of my neck that sticks out a quarter of an inch. My shoulders arms and hands hurt worse than before surgery. I haven’t worked for nearly a year I feel so betrayed by this surgeon. I could have had a frontal surgery done without titanium bars down both sides of my spine but he convinced me that his surgery would be better to my benefit and better right better way of life I’d like to get these paid 20 + bars taken out of my back since it was an unnecessary procedure there is nothing wrong with my vertebrae is from C7 to T2 I went in and talked to him on August 18th 2016 and asked him about the titanium bars and why they did this since it was unnecessary The Doctors Associates said they did it because to prevent further deterioration. It was bad enough I feel I was lied to, no one told me what to expect after this surgery. The healing time I was told would be 4-6 weeks it’s been eight months. Is this malpractice or just a greedy surgeon. Everything in my back is so tight it hurts to move the shower to do anything normal that I used to do please give me some advice about having a surgery and Get These Bars taking out is that possible

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:42 am

Hi In my opinion fusing more than the needed vertebra is favourable (it was correct ) however as a physical therapist cervical fusion success rate that i have seen in 12 years practice was 25%only , 25% got worse , 50% did not improve and reduced my potential to further help with physical therapy Removing the rodes is so risky I really have no diffinitive answer on what to do next , i recommend another orthopedic doctor opinion on possible readjusting the rodes (very risky) I recommend 2 exercises that will greatly help first is strech your pectoralis major second… Read more »

11:51 am

it is possible to get these bars out but depends on the present status of the bones in your spine.
a recent xray,if everything comes out to be normal,then you can ask your doctor about getting these bars removed.
if the xray shows some instability in spine,then the bars need to be kept for some more time inside your body.

Ayman Darrag
6:36 am

Actually it is not easy for me to decide what is the next step online..basically it is well known that fusion of vertebrae are limiting to the range of motion in the fused area and the doctor should not go for this step unless the stability ,pain,numbness, is at the worst point .. Depending on your age,bone density and current stability the decision of taking off the rods should be taken by another surgeon. In my practice I have seldom seen cases with fusion having their normal life after surgery but it must be better than before surgery .. Have… Read more »

prashant gaikwad
11:47 am

better to keep the bars untill solid union of bones has occured.
need a recent xray to comment on this actually

Masr Fawzy
4:31 pm

Consult another orthopedic please before deciding removing it , talk to a pain managment specialist too