My mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, now cloudy eye lens is it eye cancer?

Hi, my mother was diagnosed with multiple myeloma 3 years ago. She is currently taking thalidomide and dexamethasone and some medications to control her diabetes and is doing well to keep the multiple myeloma condition controlled (lab results are good since she started taking thalidomide).

Few months ago she started having a swollen eye on her right eye and has been seeing multiple doctors and received different treatments that did not help. Recently she was referred to the autoimmune specialist and was told that the swollen eye was causes by autoimmune reaction and was diagnosed with anterior uveitis. She was then prescribed another medication.

Two days ago, that swollen eye got much worse and now there is a cloudy area on her lens. See attached picture.

Do you think this is a condition caused by her multiple myeloma condition or just severe anterior uveitis? Is there a possibility of her having eye cancer?

In addition, is there any treatment that can be recommended to treat her eye condition?

Thank you so much for any insight that can be provided.


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Ahmed Fawzy
6:31 am

In my opinion unilateral cataract can be either due to Intraocular tumors or severe anterior uveitis (still can be related to the multiple myeloma)
You need a good to diagnose correctly and do the required tests (biopsy may be needed )
.Good Luck

11:49 am

there is a possibility of both .
can be due to multiple myeloma as well as local eye causes like uveitis.
get a detailed opthalmic examination and blood profile done.

Ayman Darrag
6:25 am

Yes it can be due to multiple myeloma as Cysts of the ciliary body and retinal vascular lesions represent the most common ocular manifestations in myeloma patients.
opthalmic examination is necessary.
Treatment is based on true Diagnosis and examination.

prashant gaikwad
11:46 am

seems to be out of MM. get it consulted to a opthalmologist.
do not rub the eyes or apply anything warm

Masr Fawzy
3:41 pm

Steroid induced cataract, treated by surgery.. and consultation in order not to happen to the other lens…

But regarding the inflammation , please consult an opthalmologist