I am having a medical problem that has not been solved as of yet?

I am a 76 year old woman who is having a medical problem that has not been solved as of yet.
I am diabetic but that is under control , I am type 2 diabetic. I began to loose my appetite and did’t feel like eating therefore I lost about 15 lbs, what is terrible to me is that my face is sunk in plus I have lost muscle tone, I became very weak and fatigued. I ended up in the hospital over the Christmas holidays.Many test were run and the only conclusion they came to is that I had low magnesium which caused my blood sugar to become low . As of my last test showed that it had not come up after few weeks .Yes I have been under stress because of problem my grandson has ad and he lives with me but is 41 years old and had not lived with me until a couple years ago, His Mother died , he lost hi job and couldnt find more work in our little town he came to live with me I had cancer once unidentified but took radition . blood test did not show any cancer markers> I do have small lumps under my skin , legs and arms but the Dr. did not think much about that.
Could these lumps be of any threat to my health ?I am weary about my weight loss for I look sickly in the face mainly.I weight 127 lbs and am 5 “4 inches tall .Do you have any insight as what my condition may be? thank you

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3:10 am

there surely seems to be a problem that needs to be diagnosed.
weight loss,loss of muscle tone with multiple swellings indicates a chronic inflammatory disease or may be a recurrence of malignancy.
Lymphomas need to be ruled out.
consult a physician.

Ahmed Fawzy
11:43 am

This can be due to low magnesium anemia and stress , however you should also check your thyroid glands , are you on steroids medications? Steroids can cause all your symptoms , I think glucose is unrelated to your problem
Take B-active in the morning + omega 3 with luck they will help, you should feel the improvement within first 2 days (supplements)
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
1:29 pm

As per the symptoms you have explained you need to get the lumps checked once as you already have a history of cancer to eliminate malignant lumps that can cause you the symptoms..

Secondly renal profile, liver function also needs to be done..

It has to be taken care off and you should consult a Medicine specialist soon..


Masr Fawzy
6:43 pm

I think it’s overstress, however we should do more investigation for the lumps , if I can upload a pic for it,
Also I need you to talk to a psychiatrist , will help you more