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Ayman Darrag
6:01 pm

Hello Dear… If i did not misunderstand DO you mean by you are having weak heart,,you are scared? nothing organic… If so then you should be happy that you are pregnant 🙂 it is not scary at all.. it is an interesting time that you will enjoy..specially when your baby starts to move into your uterus 🙂 you will enjoy it so much..feel her movements and touch.. listen to her tiny heart in the US when you go to the OB.Gyn DOctor clinic.. it will be easy and will be interesting… just relax and breath… feel your baby and think… Read more »

Domina Zluf
9:21 pm

Some of the smallest and weakest women in the world give birth to some of the strongest and most beautiful babies in the world. Don’t worry. All will be fine. If you are worried about a medical condition you may have why not see a doctor. Or post back here and let us know what is wrong.

7:05 am

even if you have a weak heart, there wont be any problems in your pregnancy. get yourself regularly checked, get regular scans done to see the amniotic fluids level and baby dopplers are normal.
at the final stage, instead of trial of normal delivery, you and you doctor can choose elective c section , so that the intra partum risks are reduced.