Question: I have cervical stenosis and ruptured discs need epidural – doctor says too young for surgery

my back I have cervical stenosis I have ruptured discs , arneal tears. And many more problems with the lumbar .doctor say I’m too young to get surgery and that it would just keep going down and down the disk I’m 29 . and getting epidural s in my lumbar twice no relief and I get really really bad after I take tramadol neurontinon I have nerve pain I have such bad lower back pain that I can’t Walk or live a regular life. When I do basic things even small things my back will be out and I will have to go to the hospital and get shots do u have any advice please

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Ayman Darrag
11:57 pm

Hi I am really so sorry for your pain… If you tried all these things and in vain … then i guess we have no choice but surgery to remove your discs,then maintain your self a healthy life style by practicing regular exercise and avoiding strenuous activities…strength your back and lose weight if needed… one thing i would advice you to to before getting epidural or going to laminectomy or discectomy is trying Osteopathy for a month or more… see a certified osteopath and try getting treated there… it is sometimes the treatment of choice…. generally surgery is not preferred… Read more »

7:02 am

instead of injections and surgery, you can go for physiotherapy ,traction, swd,infra red, or laser treatment. these have no harmful side effects and will benefit your spine as you are very young now.

back muscle stenghthening exercises and using support belts will help as well.