I got STDs treated with ceftriaxone IM and doxocycline?

2 weeks ago i got std. treated with ceftriaxone IM and doxocycline.
Pus still present after tx( but jus mild only on the morning after i wake up)doctor gave flagyl as to rule out trichomonas vaginalis. durong the entire course, i never experienced dysuria. just tingling sensation at the tip.

FLAGYL given 2g single dose. pus no longer present but frequent urination is still noted.

got my urinalysis today
pus cell 0 to 1
rbc 3 to 5
bacteria few

i am on my third day taking levofloxacin 500mg
does my urinalysis suggest i am recovering?

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5:31 am

there seem to be signs of recovery.
more perfect analysis can be made if these reports could be compared with earlier ones.
once you complete your prescribed dose of medicines,these reports can be expected to be normal.

Ayman Darrag
6:34 am

Of course it is getting better,great and stay on the antibiotic till the course ends and redo the test again after finishing the tx.

Ahmed Fawzy
7:29 am

Yes you are recovering , but complete the course do not stop , you are on the right treatment course, no need to worry
Good Luck