I had 3 ops on the right knee, 1 ACL and 2 menicus tears, the knee recently started swelling?

Quick background: 3 ops on the right knee, 1 ACL and 2 menicus tears. I have played soccer since I was 5, I am now 46 years old. I exercise the knee daily, play table tennis and soccer once or twice weekly. The knee recently started swelling. I treated it with RICE. Swellings gone. Now very localised pain top of patella and a finger width towards inside of knee. Very painful when attempting a run and sore to the touch. Walking only occasional pain. Occasional slight give way. Lots of grinding, crunching and crackling from the knee. Any ideas pls?


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Ahmed Fawzy
2:51 am

Pain you are describing is typical in medical meniscus tear (anterior horn) + ACL partial tear, I need to understand the nature of the 3 surgery first before I can advice on next step ( did you have meniscus repair or removal ) , ACL reconstruction? Due to partial or complete tear?

Dr.Honey Arora
8:40 am

Please explain the exact nature of surgery, what was exactly done?

Also upload the pre-operative scan reports for better understanding of your condition.

Get a latest x ray done and upload the report..


Ayman Darrag
9:14 am

My opinion is you are still having a meniscial injury again, so a MRI is needed, in addition i suspect chondromalacia patellae ..
does your pain increase when going up or downstairs?