I had a face lift two weeks ago I now have nerve damage on left side of my face?

I underwent to face lift two weeks ago. I have nerve damage on my left side of my upper lip when I talk and when I smile. When you look at me at rest I look perfectly fine. My main problem is when I speak, the right side of my mouth works perfectly fine, but the left side still moves but not as much as the right looking like I talk out of the side of my mouth. Will the nerves ever reattach?

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Masr Fawzy
2:23 am

First of all we need to know the cause, because treating the caise most probably will help , was it a viral infection, trauma or what…

Y need to do EMG

Most pf the cases resolves, but it takes sometime..

5:08 am

there are 2 types of nerve damage- neuropraxia (only stretching of the nerves) and neurotemesis (cutting of the nerve)
Neuropraxia heal spontaneously within 3-4 weks with methycobalamin,folic acid and pregabalin tablets.
Neurotemesis is irreversible and needs a nerve/muscle transfer.

Assess which of these do u have by doing nerve conduction velocities and electromyography study.

Ayman Darrag
7:54 am

Can you please specify? Did you get facelift surgery so you got nerve injury?or you had nerve injury then you made the surgery?
If you have had nerve lesion then you made facelift,then this may mean you need to treat the initial cause which could have been Bell’s palsy or viral infection ..
If the vice versa then I think it could be normal post surgical odema causing mild palsy that will resolve with antibiotics and anti inflammatory ..

Ahmed Fawzy
10:31 am

If nerve was completely cut (neurotmesis) then no it will not heal, but if it is a simple neuropraxia nerve healing may take few days to heal, also axonotmesis can heal almost 80% with physical therapy it can take up to 45 days, so first step is identifying type of damage, complete cut means neurotmsis=no healing
Good Luck