I had a major foot surgery 6 months ago I have severe nerve pain due to complication?


Since i had a major foot surgery 6 months ago i have severe nerve pain due to a complication.
My symptoms were:

– Tingling/Electrical Pain in my left foot, on the left side of the foot and up my heel.
– Desensitization/Numbing of said area, leading to more discomfort.
– Lump where the sural nerve is in calf.

As of 2 weeks ago my sural nerve was repaired, in which the sheathing of the nerve was repaired in surgery as that was the cause of the irritation. My surgeon has gone overseas and i cant consult him about my inquires.

Im still experiencing nerve pain, occasionally its actually worse. Could this be the nerve rewiring? I have not gotten any feeling back either, the lump is still there but i take that as general swelling from the stitches i have down my leg.

Any help would be great, thanks.

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Ayman Darrag
1:49 pm

This depends on whether there is progression in the sensation of the lateral aspect of the foot or not !
So you need to get reexamined for sensory re or progression and a ncv test can be helpful to confirm ..

Ahmed Fawzy
9:40 pm

My opinion you have L4/L5 nerve intrapment , I do not believe sural nerve was intraped , also you have some muscle inflamation in your calf causing the tenderness
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
7:04 am

As it is 2 week, there should be some improvement by now but can take a bit longer and for getting the senses back you might also need Specific sensory re-education exercises..
You can consult another surgeon or Neurophysician and get evaluated for the exact condition of the treatment and proceed accordingly..
As of now you can take pain relievers to relieve pain..