I have a sebaceous cyst on my face that I want to remove, please advise?

Hello I am a 27 year old female and my physician says I have a sebaceous cyst. I was prescribed topical corticosteroidIt and fucidic acid. After treatment, almost all of the redness subsided and the cyst came down to the size of a dot under my skin on my face. It is now small but not pretty to look at. What can I do to remove it. Please advise?


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Domina Zluf
8:58 am

Thanks for your question.

The cyst sack needs to be removed. If not, it will return consistently. As long as the sack is there it will continue to gather fluids. Because it is located on your face, in my opinion you should consult a dermatologist or cosmetic doctor and have it removed safely. It is your best guarantee that there will no scarring.

Good luck