I have been experiencing sharp lancing pain behind my right ear in the mastoid area?

Hello I’m a sixty year old femail . I have been experiencing sharp lancing pain behind my right ear in the mastoid area for some months. My GP sent me for physio and I had six session and three sessions of acupuncture. Pilates was recommended. I had my first Pilates class yesterday, I had no pain during or later that day. This morning I awoke with the sharp pains and have experienced this all day , now I have the pain if I touch the area, I have not had this before. The pain is sharp shooting and very frightening. Thank you

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Ahmed Fawzy
9:05 pm

This is probably facial nerve inflamation which increase if you sweat too much then get exposed to wind, you should use towels to dry this area after any exercise, also you need medication range from cortisone to NSAIDs depending on the inflammation, until you see your doctor avoid air currents and cold
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
1:15 am

If you mean your pain is in the same area behind the ear, then Pilates has nothing to do with aggravating this pain, unless you are suffering cervical vertebral lesion that has been triggered with the exercises done in your Pilate class..
I recommend rest,local analgesic cream or gel ,plain xray of the cervical area..
Massage and myofacial release can help you in this case..

2:43 am

this may be due to mastoiditis,inflammation of the mastoid sinus or an referred pain from inner ear infection.
other reason may be a pinched cervical region .
Get a Xray / MRI of the concerned part.
Take anti inflammatory tablets .
Consult a ENT surgeon

Masr Fawzy
9:02 am

Is there any change in the muscles of the face ??
Any swelling in the neck or behind the ear ??

Any pain while moving your jaw??

Waiting ur reply

Dr.Honey Arora
2:08 pm

Thanks for the query..

Sharp shooting pain behind the ear that is not continuous can be due to causes like Occipital Neuralgia..
Other causes can be inflammation of facial nerve, inflammation of Mastoid also known as Mastoiditis, less commonly but Jaw joint problems can be a cause..

Consult a Neurologist and get evaluated..

Treatment can be advised once cause is ruled out as it will vary with the cause..

As of now take higher painkillers like Tramadol if the pain is severe..

Hope this helps..