I have been on my menstrual cycle for over a month, now found out I am pregnant?

I have been on my menstrual cycle for over a month closer to 2 months. I found out I’m pregnant less then a week ago… I bleeding heavy and have abdominal cramps and started getting headaches. (…) I’ve smoked meth 6 months ago and drank GHB around same time. I’ve been an addict for 10 years and I’m 32yo. I’m afraid it could be cancer or a cyst and the pregnancy test is not accurate. Please advise?

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:18 pm

Hi ,
First you should know that postive pregnancy test can stat postive even 18 days after abortion , so first you need an ultrasound to confirm it was not an abortion ( u may think it was period but color is darker ) , then you can suspect other causes , methamphitamine or GHB effect won t last 6 month do not worry

Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
5:22 pm

Do transvaginal and pelvi abdominal US

It can be fibroids, hormonal cyst or miscarriage…

Ayman Darrag
6:36 pm

In my opinion it could be a miscarriage but not due to GHB or methamphitamine ..
you need a T.vaginal USG to rule out any uterine pathology..

4:57 am

this can be a ectopic pregnancy or a miscarriage.
fibroid cysts need to be ruled out. a bHCG test with trans vaginal ultrasound will help making the diagnosis.