Facial pain, tingling numbness, along with ear pain and fatgue, brain MRI found several lesions?

Hi..my name is (…) and I’m a female 49 years of age, due to facial pain, tingling numbness, along with ear pain and extreme buzzing and tinnitus, along with some fairly body wide complaints, most concerning is of fatigue, weakness and at times inability to move and use predominantly legs, but at times also arms. I also have some sensory deficits as well as issues with temperature regulation. I recently had a brain MRI that found several lesions that could be indicative of old ischemia along with leukoariosis. The brain mri report also discussed the finding of a type II loop in anterior inferior cerebellar artery. (…) I have been experiencing symtoms for years and progressively getting worse. Please advise?

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Ahmed Fawzy
5:23 pm

You need thrombin time test , your doctor would ask you to stay on a long term anticoagulant to stop further problems along with medication to improve brain blood circulation , i recommend immediate physical therapy to regain 80% of lost muscle power and function
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:31 pm

these findings indicate severely damaged vascular system of the brain ..
you need to get some tests done as INR and PTT, your doctor should prescribe an anti coagulant and another drug for brain cell oxygenation “oxybral” ..
adjust your blood pressure if there is any disturbance .
avoid cholesterol and TGs …
start physiotherapy and keep active and practice a moderate intensity exercise..

Masr Fawzy
7:42 pm

I believe its new ischemic attack,

You should be investigated for the causes of the old and the new one, is it atherosclerosis, are u hypertensive or diabetic, do u have bleeding tendency, are u overweight??

Visit vascular specialist

And physiotherapist for improving your ms weakness ..

4:55 am

blood vasculature and clotting derangements may have done the intra cranial damage.
get PT / INR with bleeding and clotting times done to see the exact blood texture.
physical therapy ill help.