I have been suffering from low grade fever, excessive saliva at night, dark and less urine?

21y male.. 5 years ago I had repeated fevers I used many medicine indiscriminately since then I have been suffering from low grade fever, excessive saliva at night, dark and less urine, after 2 years symptoms progressed with Lump in throat during and after eating fatty/oily food, milk, juices etc, (it feels like nutrients fackflow), feel full with abdominal discomfort (not pain) after eating and when sleeping on front, fatigue, weakness, peeling scalp hair fall, I can also see a bit abdominal hair fall on my banyan.. I have tested for hepatitis b/c and were negative, also had ultrasound and was intact. Appetite is good.. Thanks

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Ahmed Fawzy
2:01 pm

Have you checked your blood glucose and CBC?
Diabetes can cause your symptoms, also sever anemia
I also recommend doing a urine analysis and GFR to check your kidney
Good Luck

Dr.Honey Arora
3:34 pm

Thanks for the query..

Well you have acid reflux for most apparent symptoms of lump in throat and liquid coming up..

But the urine related problems is pointing towards renal problems..

A renal function test along with calcium, sodium and potassium levels should be done..

Along with it Hemogram should also be done..

Hope this helps..

4:30 pm

this seems to be due to anemia and kidney function derangements.
get blood checked .
a possibility of underlying hormonal/electrolyte imbalance should be kept in mind.

Ayman Darrag
5:02 pm

In my opinion this all could be a mixed from acid reflux,GERD and a kidney problem, or low water intake, you can get a kidney function tests done and also there is a possibility of celiac disease or lactose intolerance,this is hardly diagnosed unless you make a food diary and monitor symptoms..