I have had this lower left back pain and lowest left rib area, please advise?

I sleep on a thin foam mattress which has given me back issues in the past but just mild discomforting pain. I sleep on the side and my back through the night. Last week for two nights I started sleeping in the other direction (180 degrees change) and I slept that way 2 nights in a row and since then I have had this lower left back pain and lowest left rib area. When I sneeze or cough I can feel the pain. I haven’t taken anything for it yet. When I pulled a door, I could feel the pain in the lower left back again. I pulled the door with my left hand.

Age: 32
Medications: Nothing. Just started taking Aleve right now.

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Domina Zluf
4:53 pm

Using Aleve or ibuprofen, applying ice or heat to immediate area and resting back can help. Ordinary back pain disappears after a couple of weeks. If there is excessive pain, pain that shoots down toward feet or creates numbness, consult your doctor. If pain lasts longer than a couple of weeks also consult. A new mattress and pillow may help.

Arti Sharma
9:45 pm

Hi.It could be muscular pain.You may take rest,ice compresses may help.Take an overthecounter pain killer for relief.Take adequate rest.Continue with this for 3-4 days.If it persists then visit an Orthopaedician.Hope this helps

Dr.Honey Arora
3:19 am

It can be muscle related pain causing muscle stiffness..
You can take Aleve, apply warm compresses and avoid sitting or standing for too long..
Switch sides when lying down..
In case if pain continue to worsen or persist for long consult an Orthopedic doctor and get evaluated..