I have PCOS and a retroverted uterus what is the likelihood of having a child?

I’m 22, and I have PCOS and a retroverted uterus, and as a result of that, I don’t often get my periods, if ever. My gynecologist put me on birth control to control the cysts and bring back my periods, and that worked, but it caused 2 pulmonary emboli to form. Now I can’t take any type of hormonal birth control, and so my periods have gone away again. My question is, what is the likelihood that I won’t ever be able to have children?

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Ayman Darrag
6:51 am

Clinically A tilted uterus is a physical barrier to pregnancy and may or may not be accompanied by other problems that are keeping you from ultimately getting pregnant. There are actual things you can do to improve your fertility and increase your chances of achieving pregnancy and ultimately becoming a parent. The best solutions for this particular condition, because of its nature are self fertility massage and yoga.
Pcos itself can lower the pregnancy possibility but not preventing it..
So you need to lose some weight and practice yoga and you will be able to get pregnant.

7:29 am

looking at your history it seems that the ovulation is less likely to occur.
PCOS,if uncorrected can hinder the chances of conceiveing.
At present there are very less chances of pregnancy.

Ahmed Fawzy
9:13 am

Your young , which means if you treat the PCOS early you can have a child , the pulmonari emboli does not mean stop treatment , it means ask an internal medicine for blood thinners ,in other words you need your period to have a baby
Retroverted uterus should not concern you much unless it is painfull
Good Luck

Masr Fawzy
9:38 am

Having retroverted uterus is not a problem whatsoever, 20% of women are like u,
Your main problem is the PCO, which causes hormonal imbalance and prevent pregnancy eventually
Get your cyst removed, hormonal therapy can be taken with controlling the INR , also try to loss weight , follicle -ovum- induction , following up with US, and then IVH can be done

Farwa Mukaram
Farwa Mukaram
4:53 am

Hello im 4 months married, i have PCOS from last three years almost. I was on glucophage and Diane 35 and myofolic sachets for 3 months before marriage and my cysts have gone away But after 2 month i again feel pain during peroids and after scan i was told that my Cysts were back… i have a retroverted uterus and feel pain during intercourse i consult a doctor and she said im having endometriosis as i have my peroids miss for a month i was really shocked and depressed And doctor ask for a open surgery to remove them… Read more »