Question: I have polycystic ovarian disease..can I stop my medication?

M 25 yr old woman..having pcod..doctr prescribed me normoz n beplex forte…n by only taking dese two medicines m having regular periods from 3 months…dat means i dont have much prblm..n can stop taking medicines after few months??

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Domina Zluf
3:27 pm

PCOD (polycystic ovarian disease) is a chronic illness. Normoz and Beplex are normally prescribed to help induce regular periods and improve your chances of conceiving. Usually they are prescribed for a period of 3 to 6 months. If no medication or hormones are used, you will become irregular again. Talk to your doctor before stopping any medication.

Jean Claude
7:45 pm

Better diet, lifestyle and less stress can help you have regular period. After that look into hormonal pills

6:42 am

yeah , you can stop them, but not abruptly. u need to have monthly scans done and taper off the doses gradually.. depending on the gynecologists advice. dont be in a hurry to stop the medicines

8:47 am

stopping of pills should be accompanied by a good healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle. u need to do exercises, yoga.This will prevent the withdrawal after – symptoms that occur after stopping of the medicines.