I have sinus problems even when I get a cold my nose always remain dry?

Hi Doctor, I have sinus, even when I get a cold my nose always remain dry , but I do get headache often, I got Rhinocap to take twice a day plus a nasal spray called avamys…My problem is I feel like suffocating, I can’t breath easily my nose feel like blocked….I have to breathe through the mouth and it’s tiring. Is there any home made remedy for that Please ???

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Masr Fawzy
6:29 am

I recommend u to try physomir or otrivin nasal drops , it’s great and also to do mri May be there is polyps in the nose blocking the airway

11:34 am

the best thing to do at home is deep breathing exercises daily.
it helps tremendously.
but you need to get a CT PNS done to rule out a polyp / hypertrophic turbinate etc.

Dr.Honey Arora
12:18 pm

Thanks for the query..

Well blocked nose is due to sinus congestion only..
So my suggestion is to consult an Otorhinolaryngologist and get evaluated..
A PNS view x ray can be done..

A course of antibiotics, anti-inflammatory painkillers, decongestant nasal spray like Xylometazoline, saline nasal irrigation, steam inhalation can relieve you..
Doing warm compresses​ around nose will help..
Use a humidifier in your room..
Avoid very cold atmosphere..

Hope this helps..

Ahmed Fawzy
2:54 pm

Make a aniseed drink and add 10% alcohol then use it as nose drops
This should solve your problem immediately
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
6:14 pm

Physiomer nasal wash,sea salt water lavage conyinius use can help you, ginger and mint warm drinks ,water vapour inhalation ,and take vitamin c…
Next is steroid spray ..