I hit the bottom part of my leg, could I have a stress fracture?

I hit the bottom part of my leg back in early April of this year on a wooden frame going around a settee. I went to A&E who said nothing was broken but no x-ray was taken. I’ve since seen two of my own gp’s as I’m still in pain, unable to touch it and still have a lump which they said was a collection of blood. They also refused me an x-ray stating ‘if you’d broken it, you’d certainly know about’. Surely 7 months of pain and swelling suggests otherwise? Could I have a stress fracture? How do I get a diagnosis when no doctor will send for an x-ray? The picture enclosed is how my leg was a few days after the accident and NOT how it looks now.

Medications: Levothyroxine, Citalopram

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Ahmed Fawzy
6:59 pm

The picture shows no fracture, may be a (crack ) partial fracture, using the word stress fracture is not accurate, any way even if you had any sort of fracture the picture show no displacement which means even if it was fractured it should have healed by now
My opinion is that you do need an x ray as this pain can be due to the cuboid metatarsal joint dysfunction
Good Luck

Ayman Darrag
11:25 pm

Have you done any liver function tests, as i see yellowish color and bruising of your skin…
A PT,liver enzymes and cbc are needed in my opinion to jnow the cause of that swelling and bruises until now.

Dr.Honey Arora
11:36 am

Can you tell that are you able to put your body weight on your feet?
-Are you able to walk without pain?
-Has the swelling subsided?

Please write back..