I start feeling strange with chest tightness and shortness of breath and sometimes wheezing?

I have a strange reaction and is always same day..Sunday night only! I start feeling strange with chest tightness and shortness of breath and sometimes wheezing(in my throat not in lungs). Is getting worst when lying down. Heart rate is 65-70, frequency of breathing is 12/min. Sometime the symptoms takes 2-3 hours and sometime the whole night. But in the morning everything is backs to normal. It is annoying. The onIy different thing on Sunday is everybody is having a hot bath… I don’t get it. I use to swim at the pool and again everything is ok. Due to my job I have access to check often my SPO2 and blood pressure and everything is normal. I am 44, male, 185 cm and 74kg.
My bathroom is clean with no mould. I have cleaned my walls with vinegar…just in case….but nothing changed.
I have seen my GP where he used the stethoscope to listen my lungs and he said it is everything ok. I asked for a chest x-ray but he said I don’t need x-ray.
My physical condition is excellent, I can run or climbing stairs and I have no problems.
I appreciate any advice.
Many thanks

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Ayman Darrag
3:29 pm

In my opinion it is nothing to worry about ..but could be a result of lowered temporary blood pressure after hot bath which is normal…getting a CBC done for checking anaemia can be helpful..

Ahmed Fawzy
5:03 pm

This is called Sunday night blues or Sunday evening dread, this is like stress and anxiety from going back to work, you need to see a psychiatrist or have a job with no stress
Good Luck

2:27 am

this may be a result of a sudden fall in blood pressure seconded by stress and anxiety.
to be on safer side get a complete blood profile done.
drink plenty of fruit juices