I suffer from serious digestive problems, nothing seems to work, need advice?

have ibs dyspepsia heartburn delayed emptying lactose intolerance gluten allergy been for all tests tried all meds otc prescription changed diet always getting worse am a shutin affecting my independence have stomach cramps bloating for 2 mths am taking cholesterol pill not that trazadone carbamazepine divalproex loxapine precacid cipralex. domperidone tried going without what condition does ongoing stomach cramps bloating sickness digestive problems point to.

Age: 39
Medications: loxapine divalproex cipralex carbamazepine precacid domeridone cholestererol med
General Information: been through all tests not side effects of meds. have prediebetes am overweight.

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Dr.Honey Arora
1:58 am

Food intolerance can be a cause..
You should once try Ayurvedic treatment as herbal medicines are very helpful in such cases..
Also try loosing weight..
Discuss your Physician about reducing medicine doses if possible..
Get a diet chart prepared by a certified Dietician so that you do not eat any intolerant foods..


Arti Sharma
2:12 am

Hi and I understand your concern.Have you done endoscopy and blood tests ?Other conditions mimicking these symptoms are anxiety, depression,thyroid disease.You may require high quality probiotics for intestinal symptoms.Nutritional deficiencies are common in gluten intolerance like calcium,folate,iron,vitaminb12 ,vitamin d and zinc.Indulge in exercise daily for 45 minutes to 1 hour along with a diet plan.That will help in your prediabetes and overweight status. Get back to me with more details.Take care!